Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yay! (>_<)

I called up my Dadi yoh telling him that I would be sleeping..but turns out I was not sleepy at all........m(_ _)m . My mind is a little crowded right now but I have decided not to blog out any negative things (* ̄m ̄) .
I'm really excited on my nearly opening online store (≧∇≦)/ Niichan's Studio. But first of all, I'm waiting for my parcels to arrive, those are our test products to see how long does it take for pre-order item to arrive here at the Philippines. Can't talk of all the details yet since were not ready (^▽^) anyways...watch out for it!

I'll be signing off for now and I hope, there would another great story to tell next time. (*⌒○⌒*)おー(*⌒▽⌒*)やー(*⌒o⌒*)すー(*⌒ー⌒*)みっ♪

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Empy Handed

There are too many things running on my mind. I don't know where to start.
After all these years I am still looking for a place that I can call “HOME'.
Dramatic as it sounds a part of me is still lost in space.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am upset .
Got to work and I did not tell anybody what was I feeling.
After work I went to the gym.
While working out..I was spacing out.
Then I just realized…I was definitely sad.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Facial Care

Being beautiful is not only from the outside but it comes from the inside as what they always say. But its not bad when you start caring on your physical appearance. I was never really that much interested on “beauty products” before but as I realized that I’am getting old and there are some signs of aging that I would just like to avoid.
I really do not know which product to use to take care of my skin so I go by with the brand names that I often hear. For the basics I have a facial foam cleanser, toner, day and night cream.

For my facial wash I use Pond’s pure while with deep cleansing foam it has activated carbon and Vitamin B3. To be honest the reason why I bought it its because its colored black o_O. It ain't bad and I feel that my face is refreshed every time I use it. Second, its Pond’s oil solution pore conditioning toner. My friend told me that I do not have an oily face but recently I have started putting make-up I felt like my forehead is showing up some oiliness. So the next day I found my self buying this product.

Next in line would be L’ORÉAL Paris white perfect day cream with SPF 17/PA++. I have watching some talk shows and morning program and many of them discussed how harmful is the sunlight and putting on some cream or lotion would normally protect you to the sun rays harmful effect. L’ORÉAL’s cream has double effect as it helps whitens the skin. Most of the women has dark circle on the eyes and since using it the darkness around the circle of my eyes is somehow fading.

At night I repeat the steps of washing my fash and using of the facial toner and before I sleep I use L’ORÉAL Paris Dermo Expertise white perfect night cream. It whitens the face and it’s a the perfect partner for the day cream that I am using. Many have noticed that my face had become fairly white so I guess all the products that I have chosen to put onto my skin is effective :p.

I may not be the most beautiful lady in the world but at least I have started caring for myself =)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cooking Quest

I’m not a good cook so I did not put in on my field of interest but lately I have been working hard though :D. I am forced to cook since I live alone at Manila, I don’t want to eat instant food too often as they are not that healthy and I would like to have a healthy living. Aside from boiling water, cooking rice and frying all possible meat that can be fried I don’t have any specialty. However, since I have a partner in life I strive to cook some foods that can be counted as my specialty. He forces me to cook!!! XD
We spend our second year anniversary and I spent like 1 week on thinking on what to cook for him and I after constantly searching my easy cook recipe over the Internet I found an easy way of cooking Korean Beef Stew (courtesy of http://homecookingrocks.com ). I got excited because the ingredients are easy to find. In Ortigas Center there are many Korean marts I preferred to get some of the ingredients there such as sesame seeds and chili powder to make sure its “authentic” and then the rest was bought at the grocery store. I think my cooking took 3 hours since I have to make sure that the beef is well cooked.

I’m not a good photographer, this might not be a good shot but I’m so proud of this dish. My partner kept on telling me that it’s the greatest dish that he has eaten and he was able to “consume” three bowls of the stew. Take note every bowl has 3 pieces of meet servings haha!

The next day after our breakfast we went out to watch o movie and spend quality time together as we don’t see each other often. It was getting late and he kept on asking on what was for dinner and kept on insisting to cook same dish that I have cooked the other night. But I decided to cook adobo and take note I had to replace some ingredients to make it special. Instead of regular vinegar I used balsamic vinegar and added chili powder and sesame seed to make it looked like a Korean dish and it ended up looking same as the beef stew :D

I had a good time cooking these dishes, I had put a lot of effort and turns out it tasted good. I felt good seeing that I made somebody smile and feel well loved by my cooking. As of the moment I’m still learning other dishes that can make other people stuffed and satisfied :D